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What students are saying.....

Thank you so much for everything, Csilla! Without you, it wouldn't had been possible. May God blessed you and your daughter in everything! I will miss your classes :(. Looking forward to talk to you soon or attend some of your webinars.(Brenda 9/16/2014)
Good Morning Csilla!

I just wanted to give you a post-grad update!.
Through an interpreting agency I'll start to work for Duke Medical System, one of the biggest hospitals in my area. I'll be doing shifts of 6 or 8 hours daily, and my training will start as soon all paperwork is done!.
The reason I wanted to let you know about this was that I had to sit down for a written and oral test with the Department of International Affairs within the hospital. The test was difficult, but I couldn't have done it without completing my course with you first!
The key points throughout the test were familiar with my preparation with Hereditates ( terminology, cultural awareness and ethical scenarios just to name a few...). Not only I'm happy about securing a job, I'm confident that I'm actually prepared for it.
So please accept my big THANK YOU! and congratulations for doing an excellent job preparing Medical Interpreters to work on the field, and your merit is even bigger since you truly support your students during the whole process not only with your knowledge but with your big heart as well.

A big hug from me and thank you! :)
I hope life will keep rewarding you and your family for all the good you do... thanks for the prayers!

Veronica " ( 4/8/2013)
"Thanks so much for all your advice and for being so accommodating in helping me get through this class. You are a great instructor and I appreciate your efforts. I'll work hard to keep practicing and improving! Have a wonderful week"-Elizabeth

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. It would be greatly appreciated.

1. What was your favorite thing about the medical interpreter training program with Hereditates?

It is hard to say. There are many things I liked. I liked the role play we did. The Conference Calls were SO HELPFUL! I loved how the instructor was always there for us. I also really liked all the resources and links e-mailed to us.

2. What was your least favorite thing while training with Hereditates?

I really can’t think of anything that would be my least favorite. Maybe more practice quizzes maybe? But, that’s just because I’m a little nervous and insecure – it has nothing to do with the instruction given to me.

3. How would you rate the teacher?

I don’t think the world EXCELLENT is sufficient. She was not only an excellent instructor, but she genuinely cares about her students. She’s always "on top of things" as the saying goes. She is patient and I sense a true kindness and good spirit about her by just speaking with her on the phone. I really felt like I was in great hands through the course. AND THE ADDED PLUS is that she is also an interpreter and she’s "been there, done that." She’s got experience to share with us that will be helpful in our careers. So, my rating here would be EXTREMELY EXCELLENT!

4. How would you rate the live sessions?

I loved them! I never had any technical issues with the program although others did. I learned A LOT in the live sessions and I really enjoyed how thorough our instructor was.

5. How likely is that you would recommend this program to someone else?

Just a few weeks ago my sister was asking me how I liked my online course. I was telling her it was really good and she should take it. She was saying that if work doesn’t work out, she’d definitely go with Hereditates. I’ve also told my friends about it! I would most definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a self-paced, thorough course that is also affordable with an amazing instructor! -Socorro Salazar

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